The Pigsty
A miscellany of  of cooking, reading and living in Taipei.
Bits and pieces ...
I guess it is all about putting all the bits and pieces together and seeing whether it makes a whole.
This is just a collection of various things done and doing, including some translations done for my own amusement, some voice recordings for Librivox and some thoughts on the business of keeping myself and those I love well fed.
And one of these days, perhaps, to own a pig ... a real one, rather than fluffy pink ones that can be put in the washing machine.
The prevalence of the first person possessive in the menu is rather unseemly, but for the moment, I suppose, this really is about putting the scattered parts of a desultory life together, and to some extent this necessarily involves some degree of navel gazing.
My pictures
Images of Taiwan on Flickr.
Travel photos and commentary.
Pictures of Pinot
My words
Well, actually, having very little to say for myself, I have tended to rely on the words of others. So that’s why there are some translations of short stories (from Taiwanese authors), some poetry in translation (a hopeless task if there ever was one), and links to some articles written for both work and pleasure.
My Cooking
To live is to eat, but making food fit to eat is quite another matter. That’s why I have collected some of my thoughts in Cooking Notes and put together some recipes that work for me and which can easily be modified by others to suit their taste.
My Voice
... is certainly nothing to shout about, but after discovering the Librivox project to put make public domain texts available as free audio downloads, I rediscovered a joy in creating the spoken word, and hearing the multiplicity of voices that are  emanate from all around the planet. Also some reflections on books and reading.
My travels
Not that I am able to get around that much anymore, but have always liked traveling, and even the most uninspiring trips reveal something about yourself and others.
My Links